The Arium
Introduction in English
Seoul Woman Craft Center, the Arium innovates Craft,
Business Start-up, Region, and Culture

A space where women create, start business, and grow.
An international hub of craft-related business and innovation of woman craft.
A program that could be easily enjoyed/shared by everyone.

As a remodeled space of the old Seoul Northern District Prosecutor’s Office, Seoul Woman Craft Center is a multi-cultural platform that professionally supports/promotes craftswomen’s creation and business start-up activities. It provides 52 studios for craftswomen and customized-business start-up program to (future) female craft entrepreneurs, and also provides diverse craft exhibitions, education, market, and living creative programs to local residents and citizens. Performing the overall process of craft creation and business start-up, Seoul Woman Craft Center is a new hub of craft innovation and cultural distribution of craft industry of Seoul.

Seoul Woman Craft Center, the Arium is established by Seoul City,
and operated by social enterprise, Living & Arts Creative Center.

Duty Details
Business 1. Support & mediation for independent activities, and sustainable growth/development of (future) female craft entrepreneurs
2. Customized-program C&C(choice & curation) for supporting the craft business start-up, craft exhibition, and etc
Innovation 1. New technology convergence and production innovation for new development and innovation of woman craft
2. Lecture on new technology convergence, production workshop, support for market/growth, and etc
Community 1. Local vitalization and expansion of performance culture through daily meeting between craft and local citizens
2. Living creation & citizens’ participatory program, community program, and etc
Supporting Space 1. Establishment/operation of a space where all the craft-related activities like creation, exhibition, sales, and enjoyment could be done
2. Space & facilities for creation and business start-up, environment for region and citizens, and etc
Craft Platform for Woman
Space Details
52 Studios 1. Studio(workspace + showroom + shop) for craftswomen
2. Applying for studio
Public recruitment of companies will be held annually. Every (future) female craft entrepreneur in Seoul can apply for it.
Visual Studio A space for shooting works(products) and also an educational space for knowledge and experience necessary to equipment and shooting
Consulting Room A space for professional consulting and small-size educational operation
Co-Working Space(9) A space for collaboration and cooperation between resident craftsmen
Conference Hall A multipurpose space that could contribute to the activation of center, and development of craft business start-up and craft culture through the operation of mid/large-size events and programs
Shared Storage Joint storage for storing baggages and tools of resident craftsmen
Amenities for Women An exclusive space for the relaxation of women residing in the center
Multi-cultural Space for Region/Citizens
Space Details
Living Creation Space 1. A space where everyone can grow a seed of creation
2. Regular operation of programs as a space for enjoying the joy of creation by experiencing diverse craft areas like metal/ceramics/fabric/leather
Craft Yard A multipurpose space like craft exhibition, experiential program, and craft library
Salon C A community cafe for a cup of coffee, comfortable staying, and having various meetings/exchanges with the mediation of craft
On/Off Space, Cheonsudap A multipurpose space for performance, lecture, and exhibition
Art Market, Cheonsudapjang An open market where creators and citizens meet and grow together with the mediation of craft
User Guide

Seoul Woman Craft Center, the Arium is a multi-cultural space where every citizen can visit and enjoy.
The diverse world of crafts could be experienced.

Operation of Center Tue-Sat 09:00AM ~ 06:00PM
52 Studios Mon-Sun 09:00AM ~ 10:00PM
Location (Gongneung-dong 622)27, 174-gil Dongil-ro Nowon-gu Seoul(Postal Code)01849
Subway Exit No. 5,6 of Taereung Station(Line No. 6&7)-Three minutes on foot(About 240M)
Address (Gongneung-dong 622)27, 174-gil Dongil-ro Nowon-gu Seoul
TEL Craft Business/Innovation team: 02-948-1188
Local Community team 02-948-1199
Operation Support Team 02-948-1155
FAX 02-6442-1155
Instagram @seoulcraftcenter